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For Honesty, Integrity and Trust in the 1st District of Tennessee
The 1st District needs a new Representative in Washington. Elected officials work for you and I’m asking you to consider hiring me for the job on election day.

The Quillen4Congress Campaign

With the exception of a few welcomed contributions from friends and family, the Quillen4Congress campaign is a homespun endeavor almost completely funded by the candidate, Carter M. Quillen. It was born out of the frustration and horror of watching this great country being sold out to a succession of con men on both sides of the isle.

It seems the leadership of this great nation almost exclusively serves themselves and their cronies and not the best interests of the People.

If I can get elected, I will not be obligated to answer to ANY big donors or special interest, but only to you, the Voter.


We have some serious problems with our system of elections in this country right now and I hope to forge the beginning of a solution with this campaign by setting an example for others to follow. It should NOT cost millions of dollars to run for a PUBLIC SERVICE job that pays a fraction of that. Our government is for sale to the highest bidders who get into office and use their position to raid the treasury for the benefit of themselves and their Cronies. The Washington establishment uses identity politics to take the 1st District of Tennessee for granted while it abandons age old conservative principles of moral order, personal and fiscal responsibility, and a smaller, less intrusive national government.

The Battle Plan:

A camper, a motorcycle, a high-performance printer, a website, and a burning desire to serve my country again:


Given our limited budget, you will not see any 30 second commercials on TV about me, hear any sound bites on the radio or see my picture plastered on roadside billboards with catchy slogans. (All paid for by big donors who will expect something in return btw) But you’ll probably see one of my homemade signs by the road, catch a glimpse of me, tirelessly traveling the 1st District in an antique camper I painted and lettered myself, or see me on my vintage Rebel 450 motorcycle, cruising the back roads of the First District distributing my campaign bulletins, written to let you know who I am and where I stand on the issues. And if you see us parked by the road with our awning down, please stop by and tell us what’s on your mind and get to know me a little. Then it is up to you to decide if you want to vote for a true outsider with an agenda of service to all the People, or one of the many established politicians serving a legion of big donors and special interests.

I joined the United States Coast Guard in 1976 at the age of 17. I was trained as a radioman where I learned the imperative of good communications for the success of any operation. What we have now in this country is a serious failure to communicate that must be corrected. The People are constantly manipulated by a new media that is untethered from the truth. Two different narratives, both passionately delivered and often in direct contradiction with each other. Who do you believe? Even the facts themselves are mischaracterized to promote opposing, self-serving agendas. If elected to represent you, I will bring you the TRUTH, in person, directly from your representative in Washing ton. Just like during this campaign, I will make it my mission to be as accessible to the general public as humanly possible. A Quillen tradition I hope to bring back to East Tennessee politics.

I credit the discipline and training I received as a young man serving in the Coast Guard for the many successes I have been able to achieve in my life time. I’d like very much for the opportunity to give back to the country I love by serving again in my latter years. Looking at the governmental landscape of today I’m constantly reminded of a sentence I must have keyed thousands of times while learning to type in Radioman’s School and later when calibrating the teletype machines we used back in the day.



Carter Quillen
Your Citizen Legislator for Servant Leadership

You can read about me and my views on various subjects throughout this website and contact me directly at

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The 1st District covers all of Carter, Cocke, Greene, Hamblen, Hancock, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi and Washington counties and parts of Jefferson and Sevier counties.

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