America is wounded and the wolves are circling

Apr 11, 2020

If the pen is mightier than the sword then my word processor is the equivalent to an assault rifle.

Trust and faith in the Federal government has never been lower. When politicians speak these days there is usually an expectation that they are somehow lying to us about something and we tend to tune out what is being said, even when it might be very important to our well being.

There is a cultural and spiritual war going on right now in society and our Republic is under attack by principalities of darkness that are working night and day to divide us on every level. Right vs Left, Conservative vs Liberal, White vs Color, Old vs Young and even Father against Son, and Husband against Wife. Divide and conquer is the strategy of the enemy and it’s working. America seems hopelessly divided and our bright shining light on the hill is fading because identity politics are inflexibly keeping us apart.

We are fed a constant stream of misinformation by the media on both extremes that is untethered from the Truth. Hearsay, innuendo, and circumstance become fact and facts get mischaracterized for whatever agenda is being promoted, and always with the vilification of anyone who disagrees.

Division, in almost every aspect of society, is being ingrained in our psyche by the paid media and unwittingly amplified by ourselves in social media as we stroke our desires for recognition and harden our heart to fellow Americans who simply view life differently but want the same things.

The Press is not the enemy of the people, but it’s not doing its duty to be impartial either. By constantly stoking our divisions, a biased media on both extremes just keeps further widening the divides in our nation. The people are becoming the enemy of the people by turning on themselves and the press is taking sides instead of doing its job of simply reporting without bias.

The political polarization created by these divisions in our society has caused a gridlock in the legislature that has paralyzed our Federal Government. Vital things like border security, health insurance reform, and infrastructure improvement are not getting done. In all the confusion, the military industrial complex has completely run amuck. Out of control spending on defense and needless military adventurism all over the world has bankrupted the country with a 23 trillion dollar debt and is posting trillion dollar deficits each year.

America is wounded and the wolves are circling. There are many individuals and special interest cartels of great power on this Earth that would throw the Constitution in the trash and transform our nation into an authoritarian system led by privately chosen elites who could care less about your individual rights as a citizen and/or your particular pursuit of happiness. Instead, they want to manipulate our society to control the masses into accepting a wage-slave economy where the many toil while the “few” live vulgar lives of obscene wealth.

Huge amounts of data are continuously being collected on us and used to manipulate us through targeted mass media in ways that are very difficult to understand and deal with. The United States is being transformed from a democratic republic led by the People into an Oligarchy controlled by Banksters, Vulture Capitalist, and Wall Street Wizards who have bought our government and are creating policy that continues to enrich themselves at the expense of middle and working-class Americans.

If it seems like most politicians go to Washington to serve themselves and their cronies, not the general public, it’s because that’s what’s been happening for decades. By making huge donations to political candidates, an elite class of citizenry buys special access and privilege they can use to manipulate and exploit. Legislation gets written by “special interests” who do not represent the best interest or the true Will of the People. Then it gets passed into law by a subservient legislature that is already bought and paid for, with their hand always out for more.

It’s time to get the money out of politics and make the government about serving the needs of the people again. Our founding fathers envisioned a citizen Legislature run by ordinary people who would serve for a time and then return to their lives in society, not career politicians who create generational dynasties and a system of endemic corruption.

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