Carter Quillen’s Views on Constituent Services

Feb 25, 2020

Constituent Services:

Whether you need help with a federal agency, are trying to learn more about federal grants or are considering applying to a service academy, my primary focus as your Representative will be to serve the interest of individual People.

As your representative I will use the resources of the 1st Congressional District office to help any and all constituents break through the bureaucracy when having problems with Social Security, Medicare, federal employee retirement, veterans’ services, or any other federal program. I will also employ staff who can identify and help local governments, school districts, and individuals apply for Federal Grants.

In addition, I will work closely with county governments and economic development counsels to help identify and attract new industry to East Tennessee.

Constituent services was an area that my cousin Jimmy Quillen was famous for and I hope to bring back his tradition of serving all the People of East Tennessee by bringing Federal resources to our area for much needed economic development and infrastructure maintenance, repair, and improvement.

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