Carter Quillen’s Views on Health Insurance Reform

Feb 25, 2020

Health Insurance Reform:

America doesn’t have a health care problem; we have a healthcare insurance problem. I believe healthcare should be administrated at the local and regional level, not by the Federal government. I support Governor Lee’s proposal for a block grant from Medicare to be administered by the state.

Our healthcare insurance system is a national disgrace. No one should have to choose between bankruptcy and death when they get sick. What’s your life worth to you? Well our bloated corporate healthcare administration system is happy to take everything you own if you can’t afford to pay into their outrageous protection money extortion schemes.

I’m lucky enough to have had the privilege of serving in the military. I get my healthcare from the world’s largest socialized medical system, the VA and I’m here to tell you it works pretty good. My wife on the other hand has private insurance and participates in the local healthcare system.

Every time she goes to the doctor or has a procedure done there is always some kind of unpleasant surprise when the bills come in. Oh that procedure is not covered, the anesthesiologist is not in your PPO, or that particular lab isn’t in our system any more so you’ll have to pay them directly. There is always a catch of some kind.  Nearly 1 out of every 3 dollars in our current healthcare insurance system is spent on bloated administration costs by profiteering corporations.

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